Don’t Dream It Be It Rocky Horror Vintage poster

Don't Dream It Be It Rocky Horror Vintage poster

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Teddy Rosevelt was no southerner but did some great things fir the country .Why destroying is a solution puzzles and angers me- I guess provoking achieves their goal of destroying the country., it’s culture laws. people. Here’s proof of Jesus existence and origin And official Roman government copy which Romans at that time did not believe in Christianity they believe it was superstition so this is a neutral Point of proof that is in the congressional library of Congress so it’s not a religious point of view. so your saying if the Romans didn’t believe in Christianity then it’s none existence and the library of Congress says it’s not a religion then it’s not ? Thanks but no thanks I’ll just cling to my bible and religion. No, what’s being said is the Romans left written history of Jesus, outside of religion, so he is, in fact a real part of history, whether the atheists want to “believe in him” or not, but proof of his existence, whether they like it or not.

Bubba Lies Matter movement is controlled by the same people who kept them in chains…take Selma Alabama Bloody Sunday they get a beating by the Democrats and who do they invite each year? Their masters to celebrate the beatings… Trying to erase history won’t make it go away. AND…as the saying goes, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

As far as reparations goes, my GGgrandfather fought for the Union. He also lost his hearing because he was a cannoneer. Hey, Lizzie Warren & Kamala Harris…where’s my reparations for my ancestor who became disabled because he fought to free blacks? How many states can say that they have the oldest black community west of the Mississippi River? Our Democrat governor won’t mention it, so I guess Nicodemus (KS) isn’t as important as BLM.

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