Gondor calls for aid and Rohan will answer shirt, tank top, hoodie

Gondor calls for aid and Rohan will answer shirt

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I have been watching the Victorian Premier and I thought that he was doing a fabulous job but was being pressured by everyone else to lift the restrictions. it’s only irrelevant when it’s not your Mum. Protests should have been banned. One set of rules for everyone with no exceptions. I agree. I was surprised we he lifted the restrictions especially when he said prepare for remote learning until at least the start of term 3. I am with Veronica Little, I believe that Andrews has done an exemplary job. But it is like most things in life you will always get the vested interest groups who don’t give a stuff about what’s best for the community just for them.

I am not quite so sure of what you are saying… considering BC is doing dam good in comparison to Alberta and the United States.. People in BC are taking the precautions a lot more serious than other places. As long as we continue to do so I believe we can still keep this virus in BC under control…so I disagree with your name calling “loonie” opinion. Keep being aware and cautious to prevent the spread and don’t listen to right wing conspiracy theories and we should be ok as long as we keep our borders closed. It has helped already. Closing borders is one of the most effective measures we have to stop the pandemic. and allowed the protest to go ahead. All states should have banned it. I am not against the cause just against why 5,000 people should be able to gather when our family wasnt allowed to have a funeral for our mother with 30 people attending.


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