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Rolling Stones Abbey Road Hoodie

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I would have to agree. He didn’t cause the virus and laid out a plan of reopening early on. The curve is not flattening. We were doing so well early on and seem to be regressing. he was the one photographed marching with protectors without a mask and with no social distancing, so it must not be dangerous, as long as you keep moving. at this point, it feels like people are going to do what they’re going to do, the virus will spread as if we never did anything and the last few months of my life of actually staying home as I was told and making the sacrifices we did will have been a complete waste. we’re regressing because people basically just got tired of it. At least around here, a lot of people never really did the lockdown at all, but even those who did, after a couple of weeks were like “I’m bored, back to normal.” Keep in mind what no one seems to be addressing, the fact that gathering for those protests the way they did during a pandemic, as much as I truly support their cause, was just plain stupid and irresponsible to anyone taking this thing seriously. We are about to see the biggest wave yet in a couple weeks. Hospitals in AZ are already overwhelmed from opening too early… Well I don’t know why you can’t go to church …. there have been huge memorial services televised all over TV for 3 days now and 1 of those was in NC with governer stupers aka Coopers approval. what makes me sad is the people that weren’t able to attend their lifelong friend’s funeral but it’s okay for hundreds of strangers to attend several televised memorials? I don’t want anyone to get sick but I feel social distancing could have been allowed for outdoor graveside services. Strange times.

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