Roses are red Foxes are clever I like your butt custom mug

Roses are red Foxes are clever I like your butt custom mug

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I have been sometimes. At Church we have Live Streamed 2 Morning Worship Services ! Beautiful Blessing ❣️ outside on porch of 801 W.Pleadant. Only 9 of us standing ,singing,dancing, 6 feet apart. To There are thousands of us with essential jobs that are leaving the house almost every day. The CDC says it’s OK for medical personal to work with it as long as they feel OK and wear a mask. My prayers go out to all. Our Almighty Heavenly Father is going to bring and end to all these crisis. “He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will morning nor crying nor pain anymore. The former things have passed away.” This is a promise from Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. Plz read these verses in your bible, any bible. I am with you Margaret. Those who refuse to follow guidelines may be responsible for one of my family’s illness or death or theirs. So sad. I have been in since very first warning because I could. For all those who cannot God be with them. Always in our prayers.

Your not alone, we are here and you are doing the responsible thing. STAYING HOME. It’s hard! Im here alone. Missing family n friends and lil ones looking for eggs. We will get through this together my new friend. With so many ignoring the “stay at home” during Easter it will probably be late summer before all this is over. I dread the summer as so many will flock to the beaches ignoring all the warnings. i leave my home every day I am the one at the farm and ranch store making sure the critter’s have feed. Believe me I would much rather be home . I am 67 and at risk but such is my life. So don’t go casting stones at everyone.

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