Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fight for the things you care about face mask

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Doesn’t really matter…..jobs are being created and coming back. The economy is moving in the right direction! Nothing wrong here! Let’s get back to work! Job openings everywhere here in Michigan, just getting people to get off unemployment is the problem.

  • So Basically The Dems Argument is That Jobs We’re not Created,People Just Went Back To Work,Please Remind Me how This Is The Goal,You Will NotHave An ECONMY If Your Asking The Question Do We Just Wave A Wand! You need to go back to Cameron La. Area and by pass those La. Government people and help them with U.S funds not state Funds. Those liberals are using the Cajuns to get themselves voted .please they need our help.
  • Yes jobs are coming back and guess what. There’s for hire signs everywhere even in closed down States like mine. So the point is our economy was doing great when it was shut down and is roaring back got it!
  • Has anyone counted the jobs lost due to protesters and rioter. Also the lost of tax revenue from people leaving certain states. Most of those jobs were lost to capatilsim and through efficiency of getting robots in so that you can have record stock prices. Same reason the jobs went overseas. Takes proper Rad left policies to intervene and disrupt markets, like the drug market.
  • I don’t care if they are new jobs or old jobs, the economy is coming back and unemployment is dropping. That’s a good thing! Trump 2020. The best is yet to come. Donna Slump I do believe they are talking about the jobs that Biden and Obama sent over to other countries. With them comming back America can work again

Those jobs were not created. Those are people returning from being laid off. This is a lie. Tell the truth. Get rid of the masks &?covid lie too! I just don’t understand why the governor of those states and the mayor of these cities allows these riots to continue destroying property. There is no regard for other’s property or lives. Don’t give me your excuse that this is justified. I support our police officers God Bless Our President And The United States

If this is your best talking point, you are in serious trouble! Well… you will be once you can’t leverage your office as personal legal protection.  I think at the heart of all this, China is looking for new real estate and the Clintons and Obama with Biden are the agency that intended to make the sale.. Trump saw the writing on the wall.. Those realtors are angry now will stop at nothing to see it through.. Trump 12 more years!

These are jobs not created but these are people going back to work after re-opening of economy. Why are you continuously lying? Is this the way you were always dealing with your current affairs?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fight for the things you care about face mask

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