Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fight for the things you care about face mask

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Wait..how long has she been there??? And the other two females have been there over eight years. Why haven’t THEY been responsible for an increase in females!!!! Have her be on tv live so we can see for ourselves that she’s alive. These photos are old. I believe she’s on ice bc the Dems don’t want our President to put another conservative Judge in. It’s going to happen anyway. Back to basic sane ppl.

  •  It will be nice when we can all finally evolve to caring less about identity and finally get to where MLK’s words have actual meaning. It is the unfortunate reality of those that choose to change the world to always have slings and arrows thrown their way by those afraid of the future.
  • That sounds nice, but gender is not a competency. I hope he is boosting the number of deserving and competent clerks regardless of any physical, biological or ethnic characteristics. Good for him! Kavanaugh has done so many things to please the left since he was approved. Such a shame that he was basically crucified by them during the process.
  •  Male….female…the difference is person to person for me and I believe for POTUS. Gender makes no difference, except, apparently, to the far Left like Ginsburg. Bigotry toward male candidates for SCOTUS clerks is unacceptable. Is there a male version for the word misogynist? We need the best of the best, not a gender test for those candidates

 Best President ever. We support you! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Both the President and his lovely wife carried themselves with such grace, charm. Really awesome and uplifting! Great seeing the President smiling so much these last few days.

While I think it’s great that justice Kavanaugh hired so many women I don’t like the fact that men need not apply now. How is that fair? Ginsburg said this through a “prepared statement”. Still no visual proof if life. Nobody has seen her since last October. Who could hide out that long?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fight for the things you care about face mask

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