Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fight for the things you care about face mask

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fight for the things you care about face mask

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I think it would be helpful if you didn’t always harp on how bad things are here in the USA. Please don’t give people more cause for anxiety. Depression is a very real thing. At present we are in extremely difficult times dealing with a pandemic and with people rioting and burning our cites, BUT there are very good people in health care dealing with our sick. Pharma companies are working feverishly at developing a vaccine. We have become self sufficient in the production of medical equipment and medical clothing. Our truckers are keeping us supplied while we stay at home. The number of C-19 cases in the USA is high, but we have a big population of 328 million people, 50 million of whom have been tested. The USA is a long way down the list in the death rate. The USA ranks number 11 in deaths per 100,000, 50% of our deaths have been in aged care facilities, and the average age of Americans who have died from C-19 is 78 years. We need to get more people to follow the rules to lower the infection rate.
So perhaps while you pitch your new book, instead of constantly saying how bad it is in the USA, you might include something positive on how Americans are responding to this pandemic; there are many examples, ie our local health care workers, truckers, grocery store operators, pharma companies, etc.
Again depression in isolation is a very real thing, and Rick you have an enormous audience. I work in pharmacy and see the ridiculous price increases these companies enforce. Now work on the insurance companies and how they reimburse the pharmacy…make them actually pay for the cost of the medication. Some meds they wanna pay hundreds below cost…

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