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A lot of things that you have brought out into the open,are not fair.Thank you for uncovering the wrong. Great job sir. I am grateful+ thankful to receive it.am among the few,that actually spending it for food,shelter,medical bill.Am not a drug addict,alcoholic. Am a God loving sinner+was not expecting to receive anything from anyone. Let alone the President. Hes doing a greater job, than those in the past. may God continue blessing u+ur familys with his grace,favors,miracles. Keep those loving children safe. I know the job is tedious, he wouldnt have put u in their lives,if he didnt think u could do a wonderful job at it. Many air hugs to u+ur familys. yep maam,that’s 1 that will take more praying for/over. Sure will get her what for in due time. Almost make u loose ur religion. But God willing, It will come out,be squashed like a little bug. Can only hope.

It’s funny how you wanna tell one individual how God brought them in their kids/grandkids life if he didn’t think they would do a good job. YET you fail to see that is exactly why God put Trump in our life. Go read your Bible, God is the one that appoints the Leaders of the World. Not our little vote. Plus Freda it wasn’t meant to buy just food or pay bills. It was to uplift the Economy. So by remodeling my bathroom and using the money for my shower is also what that money was for. I did not need it for food or bills. My monthly budget handles that. Thank you for pardoning this young man. I am so grateful that you are willing to keep protecting our nation and our families from the far left who keeps pressing to remove our Constitutional liberties as they destroy everything the United States was founded on. True patriots love you!

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