San Junipero heaven is a place on earth shirt, hoodie, tank top

San Junipero heaven is a place on earth hoodie

Buy it now: San Junipero heaven is a place on earth shirt, hoodie, tank top

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A show like this would be a dream for me to go, although I have not been to a party for a long time, I am looking forward to living it. Good luck to whoever was and healthy envy of those who were not. Incredibly incredible. Wasnt there on the night but the live performance of ‘Saving Light’ from that night is one of my go to tracks on YouTube…the best track of the last few years along with ‘Anahera’….you’re a brilliant DJ and producer mate. I was there for your show. As soon as you came on stage and the lasers hit, that was just awesome! The whole set was just amazing! Absolutely class mate. Don’t suppose you fancy bringing the show to sunny Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast, I’m sure our local Weatherspoons will have a laser machine somewhere.

I walked 18.7 miles that day. Got 112 lasers in the building and got everything setup without holding doors while working with my friends. Then enjoyed one of my favorite shows of all time. This was my hubby’s birthday and honestly one of my Top 5 Best shows ever! We also make an effort to see you in the Bay and this night did not disappoint! I see this now haha. Just had to scroll through the buttloads of other stuff you guys tagged me in in the subtle Asian groups lmao. This was one of my favorite shows, ever. Second to EDC. I told all of my friends about it and they were so jealous when I showed them the videos. Please bring laserface back when the world gets back to normal! Absolute legend Ashley Wallbridge and your sets are keeping me sane in these tough times stay safe.

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