I’m a grumpy old lady If you don’t want a sarcastic answer Don’t ask a stupid question shirt, hoodie, tank top

I'm a grumpy old lady If you don't want a sarcastic answer Don't ask a stupid question hoodie

Buy it now: I’m a grumpy old lady If you don’t want a sarcastic answer Don’t ask a stupid question shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Don’t understand why people like them are actually going to the trouble of spending $$’s to prevent us from having Trump as President! I hope the Cubs never win another game! Trump 2016! Lets be honest who really cares about you dumb comment. The money was split moron. Plus his brothers family have not made one cent since the split. So what does that tell you. Who really made the money. I don’t know where you get your info Gina Villalobos, but you are wrong his brothers and sister all made him in charge of their trust. They said everything he does turns to gold. I think you should get your info somewhere else. That’s when I decided to vote for him. If he can do that for himself and family maybe he can do it for tha USA. Jack Bean Trump’s bro’s estate did not consist of billions… Trump bailed him… Court Records show exactly what the estate was worth, the debt against it and the finally outcome…….Cruz supporters read google or wikipedia (was user imput and user edited …see the top of their cover). OR they go the lib web sites…………DONALD TRUMP 2016. Janice Smith Court records tell the tale… There were no billions in the estate she is referencing what would be the parents trust of $20M. His siblings were not dummies, the sister was a federal justice, and ditto to rest of the siblings who were successful and wealhy. … he has no need to grip anyone’s finances…………..She’s a cruz fan all over the news feeding blasting Trump, because Cruz is on a down hill slide AND losing some of his lib funders for his dishonesty and poor show……………..DONALD TRUMP 2016. Boy, you are a dumb person. It’s like this flew right over your head and into the outfield, no outfielder. What else can be expected of a Cubs fan whooosh! Gina pasted someone elses comment and just put it on here. That’s what liberal’s do. They don’t educate themselves. They always go off of what other liberal’s say and run with it. That’s why they get no respect. If all the billionaires you know are corrupt and hiding stuff, why am I to believe that Donald Trump is the only clean, honest, and pure Billionaire? With people spending millions and millions to defeat him – if there was anything terrible it would have been broadcast already.

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