Damn Right I am a Seattle Seahawks fan Now and forever shirt, hoodie, tank top

Damn Right I am a Seattle Seahawks fan Now and forever shirt 0

Buy it now: Damn Right I am a Seattle Seahawks fan Now and forever shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Policies under Trump have exposed the brutal agenda of the ruling class. Over 130K Americans have died unnecessarily. Stay quiet and let that register. A third of the work force had filed for unemployment. People have no savings. There is no social safety net. The large corporations are receiving bailouts and taxpayer money while ordinary folks get only stress, insecurity, and fear. The Democrats are not an opposition party. The media, Democrats and the GOP are working with the White House to advance a cruel agenda— to hurt workers and families, to punish refugees who have been displaced largely by US policies, to inflict pain and death on poor people in resource-rich countries. The Democrats do not dispute the war budget or the misspending of hundreds of billions on weapons of death. There is actually no daylight between the two parties. As much as Trump may rail against the Democrats— he himself was a Democrat and knows damn well that the Democrats are not “the Left” and that the Democrats, like the GOP, attack the Left. please tell me did the covid 19 cure all the cancer deaths,all the regular flu deaths,all heart deaths, aids deaths, diabetes deaths, the list can go on and on, where are the counts for those causes of death, hummmm, THEY ARE COUNTED AS COVID 19 deaths, so, Vivek, let’s say, we subtract last years counts for the above health issues, what do you have,,,, you think about that… that would be the actual counts from covid 19. Cathy Richardson Hill no person is in leadership unless God allows it. Pray for the President if you want to help. We should pray for everyone in leadership over us. God give our President wisdom so we will have peace and abundance in our land. I’m a lifelong Democrat. If my party was still alive I wouldn’t be voting for a republican, but if they were still alive you would still be a democrat, also. JFK and all the other great democrats must be rolling over in their graves because of what the party has turned into….the Democratic Socialist Party…

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