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Seinfeld face mask

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Carla Cotto for the same reason she is attacking him, they want to win. Let’s see her come out and campaign on the issues without attacking Trump. The entire Dem platform is to hide away claiming the pandemic won’t let them come out and blame Republicans and Trump for everything. Her issues and policies are not popular with the majority of Americans. So if she will attack Trump and Pence, then they will also attack her. But I imagine her voters will think that’s unfair… Carol Doskocil what exactly he got done? We have lost over 160,000 to a pandemic that he downplayed, that then said it was going to go away…I hope you are not one of those that believe that this virus is not a real threat. Stay safe. what “required” test? You mean the dementia screening that Trump took? Doctors don’t give that test unless they suspect dementia. Doesn’t that worry you that Trump took it? and that he BRAGS about taking it? My god, that man is the worst. Trump is taking away people’s rights every day. It’s called Death from Covid. When I was a kid, the top rate for the rich was 90% and America was the greatest nation in the world. Now it’s 37% and income inequality is now as high as during the Roaring Twenties and the ability to move up the economic ladder is lower in the US than any of the top 20 nations that we compete with. Trump is trying to destroy the post office. The union is trying to protect jobs and make sure people can get what they need in the mail, like drugs or social security checks. You know, stuff your grandmother needs and isn’t going to be able to get anymore.

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