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Shark Mouth 3D Face mask 3

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I grew up in northern California 20 years ago our missionaries were told to wear short sleeve shirts and no dress coats because our town was so laid back. Our neighbors thought we had the FBI coming over for dinner. I’m not sure how I feel about the more relaxed outfits, to be honest I looked at this picture with 3 white kids standing around a black kid & thought why in the world would they put him there with no tie? Is it because they perceive all black kids to not be able to afford a tie? I took offense to it . I really don’t think that the church put that much thought into it. The black kid being the one with no tie is probably a coincidence. That, and he looks pretty happy in the photo. Well personally, I am a missionary serving on the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota, I think it’s a great thing. People will no longer think we are the FBI. Also those in cities will be more willing to approach us, and it will be a great step. we get it all the time on the reservation, so a little change in appearance, even if it’s a change from slacks to black jeans and cowboy boots would really help to people who don’t know we’re missionaries!! we they have already approved us wearing black jeans and cowboy boots! Why not approve it in the cities for more, to quote Elder Uchdorf “normal and natural” experiences with people? One time, the missionaries here in Keller went and set up a booth at Holly Days with a big chalkboard asking people to come write about what Christ means to them. They wore plain clothes (like all the local youth pastors do), and the sisters told me they literally talked to over 300 people in 2 hours. They were FLOORED by how approachable they all of a sudden were without their tags and missionary clothes!

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