Even at the age of 64, the beauty icon in the Hollywood movie “Basic Instinct” still appears with a sweet and attractive beauty. Next to her is a Devotion handbag representing love.

With a long history and beautiful scenery found nowhere else, Venice was chosen as the backdrop for the Spring-Summer 2022 Devotion Handbag Advertising Campaign: alongside the stunning views of the floating city lies a precious jewel. Sharon Stone – the special muse of photographer Michael Muller.

Sharon Stone in Venice

Amidst historic squares, sunny yellows, picturesque canals and quaint cafes, actress and fashion icon Sharon Stone spends time relaxing with Adam. Senn and Sam Webb: this is the Italian Spring, a time when art, nature and beauty come together in unique emotions.

actress Sharon Stone in Venice

Radiant, Sharon Stone carried her precious Devotion handbag: an affirmation of her love for nobility, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail emblazoned with the Sacred Heart emblem.

Actress Sharon Stone as the face of Devotion handbags

In addition, you can find out more details about the bag as well as order it through the official website of Dolce & Gabbana or its distributor in Vietnam – ACFC .

Devotion bag defecate for loveDevotion bag for Dolce & Gabbana's love

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