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Six Feet People Grinch face mask

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Collin learns in a particular classroom setting much better than with me, dad or his brothers trying to teach him on the computer….. but the interaction with peers is invaluable. He had come so far in appropriate behavior in social settings….. I feel like we have taken one million steps back. This is absurd. Out of 18 students I have about 4 or 5 who I think are consistently doing their work or at least turning it in to me. I have done everything in my power to reach the other parents. These are first graders, some of which cannot read yet. Some don’t have internet service for whatever reason or their lives are too complicated… parents still working and then having to try to help their child in the evenings, kids staying with older siblings or grandparents who are just trying to get through the day. Many are uncomfortable because they speak another language. In order to keep these kids on track I would have to drive to their house, pick them up and bring them to my house. I just wish they’d call it off for the year. My 11 year old Aspie/Adhd girl is struggling hard. We’re still in a camper from Florence. The WiFi is being a pain. The toddler distracts everyone. I know the teachers are working harder than ever. Why are we persisting when it’s becoming clear the juice isn’t worth the squeeze? Coming from an epidemiology perspective of protecting lives during a pandemic that could mean life or death for many, this is a world crisis. I can’t see a right or wrong answer to the school dilemma. The covid rates and numbers will guide if the kids can go back to school. I feel like the state is trying to plan ahead just in case.
It’s such a tough situation to address on so many accounts. Remote learning is not going to meet the needs of our folks and many other children, but unfortunately, the potential of this virus continuing to spread is there. Where do we put the priority? Is there a way to educate while still protecting lives? I do feel that teachers and administrators are trying their hardest to figure this out.

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