Skull Autism Warrior Fighting for my son face mask

Skull Autism Warrior Fighting for my son face mask

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This is a story many of us either experienced or can relate to. I strongly believe That the military should be a part of everyones educational curriculum. It shows and teaches us how important love and respect of ones country is in living a life that you can be proud to say your American. Many of Our younger generations are missing this most important experience and education in their lives. I had a high school buddy, Vietnam vet, volunteer for First Desert Storm. When I said are you nuts, you made it out of Vietnam and you’re volunteering to go into combat again??? He told me the same thing. He’d been in war and survived. “These young kids don’t know how to survive, they need me to teach them!” And yes, he taught them and came home in one piece! God bless our vets! Humanity has changed if you listen to the media but there are really good men out there. I work with dozens and am related to a couple myself. I have a single brother btw… Haha!? Heather Prewitt, my dad was also a Vietnam veteran who flew many helicopter missions. I just lost him to Alzheimers disease. I think that we need to fight hard for his generation! Heather, welcome! MDH was in Vietnam as well, and my dad was in WWII (a POW in Germany). And I agree—the rising numbers here give one great confidence for November. Many prayers and blessings to you and your family. Your dad is a very special person. You should be very proud of him. He has sacrificed much of his life. Thank him for his service. Praying for him, that he stay safe and healthy. Returns home to his loving family. Through Jesus I pray. Heather, I’m an 84 year old Vietnam vet who served there in the Army. I saw many men like your father who would give their life for their country. We together can make a difference. We MUST re-elect Trump! Your Father is a true hero. We walk through this value of tears with a God that will strengthen us. Welcome! God bless!

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