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I was just reminded that Loverfest in LA was supposed to be this weekend. My girls were missing you and I said “It would be so great if Taylor released a song!” It’s like you read my mind and released a whole freakin album!!!!! We can’t wait! Thank you Taylor for your amazing gift!!

  • My daughter and I can’t wait to share this next musical adventure with you. We’ve had a lifetime of great moments listening to your music (She’s eleven, by the way. Amy Piggott my daughter is 25 and we have the same bond. We love Taylor Swift and she is from our home state, the area by my daughters college she went to. There have been to so many concerts we have attended and look forward to so many more. She is an amazing performer and I hope you get to see her perform with your daughter. Enjoy all those wonderful memories you are making!! I remember my daughter at 11 and can’t believe she is 25 now. Time passes so very quickly.
  •  My daughter and I too…right from the start she stole our heart with that big voice, beautiful soul, and curls and who can forget the big guitar too. Picture of my daughter at all her concerts from 7 to 17. My daughter and I had been sad that this was the weekend we were going to see Taylor in concert for the third time. This news has brightened our day!
  • Michelle Raisner my daughter and I are also fans. My daughter is 35, married, and made me a grandma last year. We go wayyyy back with Taylor Swift to her first album. She still plays her Christmas album every year on repeat.

I never liked Swift until I was pregnant with my son last year. Since the womb my son has loved Taylor swift lol listening stopped him from thrashing around and giving me major pains, needless to say I am now a fan

My oldest daughter and I went to Red concert together when she was 11 and when I came in the house today she said her 11 year old self had fully emerged within…TS has a new album!

Talk Less Smile More – Aaron Burr Sir face mask

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