Snoopy Ew People Coronavirus Face Mask

Snoopy Ew People Face Mask

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Many years ago our dairy wasn’t being paid enough for our milk so Dad bought all the equipment and we started bottling our own milk. The best decision he ever made. God Bless this family and for their contribution if I lived around there I would be glad to wait in and buy there products and give them to people in need. This is awesome! I just wish every farmer in this situation could find a solution to sell their products without having to destroy it. I was raised to believe it was a sin to waste food and I believe that to this day. I will buy from a local farmer every opportunity I have. I wish every cattle or other animal raiser, every dairy farmer, etc would do this, even if they need to form small groups to get started. We should not be dependent on a food system that doesn’t put our people first, I’m my opinion. I know, to some, opinions aren’t worth 2cents, but, if we were to push for independence, perhaps the public would learn to appreciate fresher food. Just can’t rip a new one in the buyers… Ya like 1 person said here why are they not picking it up or being ask to dump it makes no sense what’s the answer. Godbless this family for public support keeping there business/farm alive I myself along time ago lived on my grandparents farm and work my ass to the bone it’s not a easy business to be in but back to government/ who ever is telling farmers /cattle to throw away or kill off livestock we the people of United states want answer. Does anyone no the answer please respond. Thank you. When we were first married, we took glass gallon pickle jars to a family that had cows. They sterilized the jars, filled them, and put them in a cooler for pickup. And inch or so of cream on top was a treat! Best damned milk!! I miss that. I haven’t had much milk since that went away.

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