Social worker strong face mask

Social worker strong face mask

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So sad. We cancelled our late April trip to Greece but will go when it makes sense. As part of ground zero in the US this is the responsible thing to do. Heartfelt thanks to RS and his team for accommodating a delay in our travels. We are determined to minimize the financial hit and the pain of dreams dashed as we know the value of our loyal traveling customers. We really are in this together… and we’ll travel again together someday soon. Take care. Was supposed to depart on an amazing trip to Italy today. I’m disappointed but more concerned for those in Italy who are suffering (including economically) from the Coronavirus. I will definitely reschedule my trip as soon as safely possible. Italy is the land of the piazza… of conviviality… of the passigiatta or stroll through town. For them not to be able to be social is like for them talking in a straight jacket and now being able to wave their arms. I’m inspired by the video clips of apartment blocks filling their balconies in quarantine to sing together. The human spirit is a power to behold. Hey all, living south of Prague and the truth is no one here is going out so its quite quiet here anyway. If we’re not ill, we are tryin our best to stay that way so truly no fun over here anyway! Everyone is in isolation mode. Wish you all a safe passage through the next month and stay well. I’m going to pull out all my Wonderful great videos from some of your tours. I’ll be there in thought.. in my armchair til this goes away. Thanks for putting the health and wellbeing of your customer before all else. Kudos to and Your staff.. I went on your Heart of Italy in 2015 with my kids and it is something I still reflect on and look to for inspiration. I’ve done a few other tours but yours was the best. I still keep in touch with a majority of the people on our tour group.

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