Southern United States – Confederate Flag cloth mask

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Most of us are soooo tired of this! It is not their platform to politicize their personal views. They are there to play. I boycotted ALL sports because of it. NBA doesn’t realize we won’t be back. I’m a sports better in Vegas & I’m done with them. If NFL doesn’t respect the anthem & flag, I’ll be done with them as well & find a new hobby…

  • All sports are really pushing their limits. I’m a sports guy but have given up on most of them. I’m holding on by a thread for my baseball. I can’t even have ESPN on the TVs at my bar anymore. It’s the same as watching a news channel. No sport outlet from this crazy world. Sad. Food network is safe for now.
  • Amen….sports are more political now more than ever and I quit watching them. Probably won’t be watchin football either with that bullshit anthem before our national anthem. Disgraceful. Always thought that their pay didn’t match the skill…when the sport started they got paid very little…it was all about the game not what was going on politically
  • Just what America is looking for. A bunch of entitled multi-millionaire athletes who are revered throw a little temper tantrum and strike from work while the rest of the country is trying to put on our boots and go to work like decent Americans.

The school teachers and EMT’s should make that kind of money. Sports aren’t teaching our kids life lessons nor is it saving lifes ! Sports are over rated. Professional Sports can disappear it produces nothing more than greed and a platform for spoiled players opinions.

The true heroes are , law enforcement, linemen, firemen, all first responders, front line workers like store employees, people who come to our aid in Southwest Louisiana after being devastated by Hurricane Laura. Could not care less about NBA

Defund the athletes! They make too much money and we don’t see them on the frontline risking their lives protecting us like the men in blue! Why don’t these athletes go out and organize a protest on their own time? Raise money and actually get up off their knees and do something about it? Outside of the world of sports?

Southern United States – Confederate Flag cloth mask

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