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I was on tik tok for a couple hours last night and the hate on trump was abundant and vicious! It made my soul feel good and hopeful!! It was fantastic! If he would be selling vacuum cleaners door to door, he would not be making enough to buy himself lunch. Every woman he meets at the door would instinctively know he is not to be trusted, and a creep! Yeah I know there are women for Trump. But those are not real women, they are domestic slaves!

  • I am at a total loss to understand why any woman could even bare to look at him – he is about an ugly as it gets. His life is written all over his ugly face. Many Americans wonder why Donald Trump became president after the 2016 election, since Hillary Clinton got more votes overall.
  • In fact, Clinton got as many votes in 2016 as Barack Obama did in 2012. Hers were concentrated in fewer states, however, which makes all the difference in the American political system.
  • CDSA is awesome! I really wish there was a similar program after they turned 3…not as intensive but I would love to have an assigned case worker and therapist that came out to our house and the sliding scale part esp because people may make more than poverty level but that doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling

I see children just like mine getting CAPC. I knew it was automatic mediciad,and a type of respite, so of course I kept trying. ALONG WITH HIS DR’S TELLING ME TO! Innovations failed us once. Now on their waiting list for 2nd time bc of their mess up! Basically my son will be 20+ before we receive any help. We are not even a middle class family.

We live bill fo bill. If your child would not survive one minute without care, then you shouldn’t be on a LIST! And some part of IT HAS TO BE physical?! Hence something has got to change! I’ve lost my career, and my child has gained nothing due to NC’s current system! Our state has got to step up! Us as mamas and families have got to come together!

(Mason has been listed disable by the state of NC. I fought for that. Means nothing?! Also Medically fragile by Dr’s to get him homebound in next school year. Also means nothing when comes to CAPC!)

Star Wars Rebel Alliance face mask