Started As A Virus Mutated Into An Iq Test face mask

Started As A Virus Mutated Into An Iq Test face mask1

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All Hummingbirds like to find cover when they can. That’s why it is good to have a roof or barrier above feeders. To protect from hawks and such. Cut a small whole in a simple aluminum pie plate and insert it over the wire/string making a knot just below to hold it in place. It is an instant umbrella and safety net for these tiny creatures. I was amazed to see this rare and minute hummingbird , it takes threads of silk from spiders web to build a ting intricate nest and disguises it with lichen. Beautiful feathers too. Totally mesmerized by it. We’ve 3 Anna’s hummmingbirds-2 males, 1 female, living in our pine tree. Now the Red finches, & sparrows have learned to drink from the sugar water bottles too. It’s quite entertaining to watch, as we have 2 bottles by the front picture window, & 2 in the back dining window. Anne, Kingman, AZ. We had a hummingbird build a nest in one of our trees last year..it must of been a frist timer, she laid her egg on the outside of the nest and left..it looked like a white jelly bean. To bad she didn’t get it in the nest..I would of loved to see hummingbird babies. So here we have a tribute to a beautiful being in nature and the first set of comments degenerates into a hateful attack on someone’s religious beliefs. Do yourself a favor and skip that part Bike rides and walks are great activities-fun socialization and easy to still social distance: wear a mask/face covering, keep 6ft apart, enjoy each other’s company while still helping protect your great community.

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