Stay Wild Moon Child Face Mask

Stay Wild Moon Child Face Mask

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It’s capped at a level set by the state. So it’s a percentage of your former earnings, plus an allowance for dependents, up to the cap, and then it doesn’t matter how much you made, that’s the max. Ohio is $480 max per week, plus and extra few bucks for each dependent. And it’s still taxed.
So it doesn’t matter that I got laid off from a $75K/yr job, max unemployment would be $23k/yr (obviously you can’t get it for a year). Then these people are too stupid to work anyway. Come July when these benefits end, then what? Haha good luck looking along with other millions fighting for far fewer jobs. The stupid is strong. Or, and this is a crazy thought, JOBS NEED TO PAY BETTER. If it’s better being on unemployment than working for you your pay is shit and your company is taking advantage of workers. you are paid what you are worth. If it is easy to replace you, you will be paid less. If it costs more to replace you, you will be paid more. It’s that simple. that was an example and not meant literally. Not everyone can “better themselves” as there are still jobs that need to be done like fast food and grocery stores. This is why pure, unregulated, capitalism fucking sucks. that’s a great idea but it doesn’t translate to reality. Everyone can’t become doctors because we still need people to work in grocery stores. Those people should be able to afford to live on the job they have. Either increase their pay or decrease their expenses, pick one.I’m not in charge of everyone’s expenses. I already tell people not to get drunk or high. I tell people they should get lots of sleep and exercise instead of playing video games all the time. If they don’t listen, that’s their fault.

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