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My husband and I have been voting by mail for many years in California. We fill out our ballots and drop them off in box at Voters Register office weeks before the election. Then we have a tradition to go to Hearst Ranch ( San Simeon) and get away from all the BS. your dedication to fake news is hilarious. Votes getting tossed because people forget to sign them is not voter fraud. That’s laughable. And you say “you liberals cry about voter fraud,” while you are literally the only one crying about voter fraud. The irony is so rich, it could give you diabetes. As a counterpoint to John N Joy, I’m from Oregon love mail-in voting. Our current (R) Secretary of State and her D & R predecessors call the system secure. People who say otherwise are usually just trying to suppress voting. In most states, election officials go over all suspect ballots and officials are of both parties. A Republican would look and state view, then a Democrat, then if disagreement, they report to others and in the end concensus rules. Janet MacFarlane.
I began voting by mail five years ago. Cannot believe how much easier it is and could never go back to the polls.  Please. And not just individual incidents, because that doesn’t prove a pattern. Go big. Then we can all see that it is not indeed a legitimate issue. Well hell’s bells these incidents are pre-election dry runs wait til the election you will see . We found several thousands hid in the back room of a post office 6 weeks after an election. “pre election dry runs” is all you’ve got?! Mail in elections have been going on in Oregon, Washington, and elsewhere for over a decade, and there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Just admit you are wrong. How about all the other sport venues…football stadiums, baseball stadiums, other nba arenas? Come on all hands on deck for the biggest turn out ever! Who can be against that? He said that the league’s growing political voice is linked to the same things driving activism and protests across the country. More than 80% of the NBA’s players are people of color.

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