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Where’s the other half of the article? The part where you actually show how government causes the problems they claim to be solving? The part where you show how the New Deal made things worse? This article does a great job of setting up the background, but a really poor job of actually supporting the thesis the title advertises. If it was titled correctly it would be called, “The New Deal Fundamentally Altered the Role of the Federal Government.” But just when you get to the point where you *could* discuss the harms of that change. We must insist that government including our money-grubbing politicians leave our economy alone. It will prosper much better through pure liberty, freedom and personal responsibility. I see. I was thinking of the financing. It is not the government that manages it or executes the building. The government chooses the most agreeable one and pays those companies. Whatever goes wrong is the fault of the contractors. I want to remind you. The bulk of the relief funds went to cruiselines, private owned jet owning friends of trump, large chain resturants, big business. They were intended for small business and boost economy! Trump fired oversight immediately! Bipartsan congress voted and passed that help but trump just focused on rewarding his people, not caring about regular Americans. He is dropping food for poor, health coverage for poor. He does what he wants regardless of whats good for our country! He still is not coordinating a plan to help get us out of this mess. Actually the Fed increased liquidity to the corporate lending market, which allowed Carnival to apply for a loan through the bond market. So no, they did not get any of the money approved by congress. I have no problem with any business getting some of that money if they are at risk of going bankrupt. If a larger business goes under, then obviously a lot more people lose their jobs than a small business going under. But I’m all for supporting the small business owners since that makes up 70% of our economy and employees 40% of the job market. But let’s look at where a lot of the money for small business and the unemployed really went. I think we can safely say it wasn’t Trump making these decisions.

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