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I lick the salt swallow the tequila and suck the lime shirt

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So, I work for one of these “cartels” and the prices being forced on the hospitals (the best hospitals in the state, mind you, because the treasurer is giving rural hospitals a better deal but not the ones with the highest quality) will result in millions of dollars lost. It’s a huge hit and one that wasn’t planned for. Some type of staggered reduction for budgeting purposes would be more reasonable. Health care employs hundreds of thousands of people in this state and this level of cutting will affect those people, too. I am not a state employee and I have a serious issue with this so called “health plan!” All Level One Trauma Centers would be out of network, ALL! If you are east of I95, there is only ONE, that’s it, one Level One Trauma Center for some 23 counties! Have Cancer? That’s out of network. That plan is unrealistic! Janie Marie exactly! And just imagine how long it will take to get into an “in-network” doctor or hospital when there is only one or maybe two that are in-network! This plan is inconceivable! I love that you call it like it is. I carry myself and two kids in college on my state health plan. It is crucial that I not leave them without coverage. This b.s. needs to stop. Thank you for getting this out. This veteran teacher and two time breast cancer survivor is scared to death. I really wish what is going on would make it to a national news channel. It is time for people to see what is happening in this state. Melanie York Sizemore agree…my husband and I are both on the SHP. He works for a school district and I work for UNC. And, he is a cancer survivor…I’ve shared this upcoming change on my personal page a few times because I can’t believe more noise isn’t being made about it. So our state representatives are basically saying we have to choose between state employee Healthcare and another state service, public education? They can fund one or the other but not both? I think we will effectively be without health care as it stands right now. Especially if something like a cancer dx, happened again…you have to go where you can get care, but who could realistically afford that at out-of-network costs!

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