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Good day Mr President, I respect what you do for the USA, you’re truly an inspiration and an example of what a true leader should be like. I live in South Africa , a country that’s filled with corruption, our farmers are being slaughtered on a daily basis. The things that are being done to them are inhumane. I know that you can’t look at everyone’s comments but please look into Farm murders in South Africa. If things carry on the way they are now we will end up just like Zimbabwe or even worse. We as citizens of South Africa feel powerless in this situation. The majority keeps voting for a political party that promises change but on the contrary. We are starting to lose hope that our once beautiful and prosperous country can be restored to it’s former glory. We want to have a life here, I want go have kids but I’m so scared of what might happen to them. Fear has taken over. This is a President , he does what needs to be done. Yet,he has so much on his plate. I don’t think Biden has the strength to do any job,let alone the Presidency job of the Great Unite States of America’s job. Love you Trump,but why is it always America that has to come to aide. I don’t see any countries helping us when we need it. We have our own issues right now to worry about. Let the other world countries help them. What about sending adequate medical supplies (especially PPE), doctors, and nurses to our beleaguered American hospitals who are unable to respond adequately to the onslaught of COVID-19 patients? Aren’t YOU the one who likes to put “America first”? Stop giving our resources away, these country’s need to be contributing or benefiting us in order to recieve our aid imo.

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