You are my sunshine sunflower personalized tumbler

You are my sunshine sunflower personalized tumbler

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I have no idea! It is crazy to me that these people are so consumed with hate. For no reason! I’m inclined to just let those cities implode. Hopefully the sane people move away. you should take a nice walk down the streets of Portland keyboard warrior. These are terrorist destroying cities. These are not “Americans with different views”. It’s time for the Feds to lower the boom on these terrorists. When you actually see these two groups out there destroying the cities you let us know. Because right now all I see is antifa and BLM doing it.
As far as people protecting themselves from violent mob, it’s their right. The only way to win this battle is to vote these people out of office, for good !! Trump,and a strong Majority in House and Senate is the only thing that can save us from this madness,and PROTECTED violence,in democratic run States and cities and communism,at least for the next 4 years !! Vote RED all the way in November ! Victoria is ignorant, selfish and mean. If her circumstances changed she’d be bleating to all and sundry about how unfair it is. not sure what your reading. I’ve never treatened anyone. Read it ads in and if u choose forward to Mr. otherwise do what I think u need to do. I want to come together and afraid of our lives. But if u felt threaten, it was not my intention. But do what you have to do. The rampant homelessness, illegal drug use, urination/human feces on the streets, and violent riots. The same thing in LA and too many cities across our nation. Pelosi and others like her, that should be coming up with reasonable solutions to the problems but they just ignore it and spew sweet words but actually haven’t done anything that produced positive results. They have been like this for years.

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