Survivor Hope Breast Cancer Awareness face mask

Survivor Hope Breast Cancer Awareness face mask 0

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I have news for you, ‘Obamacare’ and the government aren’t the death panel: People whining about masks and saying that only people with underlying health problems die from COVID-19 are the death panel. They have declared that if you are healthy, there is no risk, and if you are sick enough to die from COVID, too bad. Maybe what he should do is have members of the American public sponsor his game, hole by hole. Every time he sinks a putt, rather than just pulling the money he used to play that hole from Government coffers, he can dip into an individual taxpayer’s account and take it from there, naming the hole after the lucky recipient, like a sponsorship thing. Then, you get something out of it and you’re getting value for your money. Especially if it takes 10 shots and half an hour in the bunkers! Result! Hey guys, the government doesn’t pay for anything. We, through our taxes, pay for everything. We decide, through our representatives, what we obligate ourselves to pay for. In this country, we elect people to represent our views on how our money is to be spent. If we, as a people, decide that free health care for everyone is something we should do, then elect those representatives that will enact legislation to achieve that goal. Just make sure you understand that the cost comes out of your pocket. The government does not have pockets. If you are good with having less disposable income so that you can have a free ride at the doctors office then go for it. But why stop there, why not make everything free, free housing, free food, free electricity, etc. Just turn over your paycheck to the government and have them take care of all your expenses. I think I just described what is the ultimate goal of a dictatorial government, make everyone a slave to the ruling class. Does Venezuela come to mind for anyone.

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