I google my symptoms Turned out I just need more tractors shirt, hoodie, tank top

I google my symptoms Turned out I just need more tractors hoodie

Buy it now: I google my symptoms Turned out I just need more tractors shirt, hoodie, tank top

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You know what you can continue to see this as negative. I don’t see it that way again I don’t see her in a racist way- it’s all in what you want to see. I see Uncle Ben as a kind gentleman who was probably known as uncle to many. This may not be true but it’s what I see. I choose to see the good not the ugly. What you see is up to you. Because you’re white.I am.old I remember Jim Crow, segregation, illegal for people of different races to marry.I witnessed it.I saw people foung black face minstrel shows. ITWAS REAL IT WAS WRONG. just because something is offensive to someone is not reason to erase it. One of you are saying it is not erasing history and one is saying it is. One of you says everyone is entitled to their own opinion and someone else says as long as it is the same as mine. We’re talking about food label pictures. Is this really going to be what brings this country down? Let’s just wrap everything in brown paper bags and call it a day. Or are brown paper bags now offensive? And before I get down off of my soap box, I am also tired of hearing “what your ancestors did to my ancestors”. My ancestors were nowhere near trade ships in Africa or here in America. They came here on ships themselves and were treated badly themselves. And what they did or didn’t do is not my responsibility nor is it part of my character. So, there are things that both sides say that the other is tired of. Let’s just agree to disagree. Have a blessed and peaceful day. Seriously ? I still don’t see it . If you do that’s fine I respect your right to see it any way you want to. You can find the negative in anything. I choose not to that’s the hill I’m willing to die on. You have literally been given resources to show you the proof of racism and yet, you are refusing to believe it. That means that you’re fine in living with these racist things, just as long as you can continue to turn a blind eye to it.

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