Touch me and your first taekwondo lesson is free face mask


Touch me and your first taekwondo lesson is free face mask 1

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I love the South. But….it’s heritage is embarrassing. Good people here. But OMG there is a lot of hatred and prejudice. The point you made about is good and bad in the south that’s the way it is everywhere there is good and there is bad in everything. the truth is ALL peoples have that which they have a right to be proud of and that which they really should be ashamed of. Too bad we Americans can’t seem to force the discourse the same way it is done in the courtroom. While a person’s character is often brought into discussion in the end the guilty one is the one who committed the crime. in other words if an otherwise good man steals from an otherwise greedy bad man (not for food, just because the greedy bad man is a jerk) the good man is guilty of a crime. what a lot of people don’t seem to realize is even before,during, and after slavery was “legal” much crime was committed against and permitted by law enforcement and courts. If America started there, the moral issues wouldn’t come up for a century due to the crowded docket. I’m sure that the South has its share of good people and good history but its bad history has some of the most atrocious acts ever practised. Sorry but have never been nor would I ever want to go there.

The Swampers were actually The Allman Brothers Band. I learned that when I toured “The Big House” in Macon, GA. Same for Southern California, people in other states make fun of us and lump us all together. I’m not a vegan, I hate the beach, I don’t live in L.A.. I live in a rural area, yes, we actually have rural areas.

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