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Give me a break. Everyone’s past is not equal, some are much worse than others. And you’re the one making the uninformed self righteous judgment indicating the Democrats meant it for evil but God turned it good… Steven Roberts You must need to get to know our God. He forgives sin. He called David a man after God’s heart and Psul killed christians. He used David and Paul. He will forgive your sins too! I am thankful He forgives me too. trump has made us persona non grata in most countrys, even Canada, and the pity of the world, so much for MAGA. He continues to be a lying draft dodger, dodging all covid responsibility. Other countries love Trump and wishing for Trump to be their President because of his great achievements in the United States of America. Pple outside America are only laughing at those pple in America that are not seeing what will happen to America if Trump loses ( God forbid)
Outside countries love Trump. You know you will never know what you have untill you loose it. Those pple should wake up now before it’s too late. Had I known always come at last.
Trump has another 4yrs to make it completely 8yrs. That has been settled. sorry it was right under the original post with out anyone tagged. Sometimes responses get erased that is why hitting reply to whom you are speaking is important. I do it too. Thank you clearing that up. Tell me that you are a saint. Just as the adulterous woman that was caught in the bible and everybody was like, we are going to stone her to death, and when they brought her to Jesus, Jesus told all of them. ANY ONE OF YOU THAT KNOW THAT HE’S WITHOUT SIN SHOULD CAST THE FIRST STONE, and JESUS bent down writing on the ground, immediately everyone of them threw away their stones and left because they even commit sin more than the woman all of them wanted to stone to death.
As you are condemning Trump, you’re a saint can I see your hand up pls.

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