Texas tropical hawaiian shirt

Texas tropical hawaiian shirt

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For those of us on SSA who can’t afford supplemental insurance to cover other meds, dentist and much needed glasses, we need help with these also. Please help!! Make too much to get medicaid, but not enough to cover all my bills, groceries and all the above. President! Please help us with the cost of Xarelto! Also, please repeal the law that prevents the company from helping with costs if you have Medicare D coverage. (September 2014 OEI-05-12-00540). All this does is hurt those who need help when there are no generic available. There is no generic for Xarelto which prevents blood clots. It is a lifesaver but cannot receive help from manufacturer because I have Medicare Part D. this really made me happy to see you do. Not 20 minutes after you signed it I went to pick up a inhaler from CVS for chronic bronchitis. After insurance it was $260 for a 30 day supply. Without insurance they said folks pay over $700 for it! I pray what you signed covers asthmatic type inhalers. This is INSANE! Our Seinors can’t pay that! I barely did! Please look into it. Asthmatics need their inhalers! Thank you sir! Truly appreciate what you’ve done there! Free market based healthcare will drastically cut costs. Singapore shows us the way. Also DIRECT PRIMARY CARE!!! That alone will cut costs massively. We need a system where the employer healthcare tax credit is turned into one that is deposited into universal HSAs. Expand Association Health Plans. We can spend 75% less by relying on free market and competition as opposed to what the left wants.

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