The best things in life mess up your hair Jeep shirt , hoodie, tank top

The best things in life mess up your hair Jeep hoodie

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Gary Norris but white lives haven’t been enslaved and devalued for hundreds of year whereas black lives have, it’s not about thinking black lives are more important yes all lives matter but we are focusing on the brutal profiling and murdering of civilians by police for nothing other than a shop worker thinking he had counterfeit dollars when the police turned up it turns out they’re real.  racism should be stopped, agreed. Racism is not a one way street. BLM’s website main page….defund the police!! No evidence that the horrific murder of George Floyd was racially motivated? Black on black murder needs to be addressed but BLM do nothing to even acknowledge it exists and are hellbent on causing division amongst us alongside MSM and they’re doing a pretty good job of it. Sue Sheard I assume that you mean that all lives should matter equally, and that the colour of one’s skin is irrelevant to how they should be treated. All humans are equal, there is good and bad in all races and ethnicities. there has been a programme in place for decades, of militant left wing teachers indoctrinating children with their ideas. Its been a great success, and now we are seeing it come to fruition. we can’t help what are ancestors did why are we being made to feel bad because we were nit even there …….we need to stand side by side no divide.

They are British…my sister was born in Singapore of two white, English parents, she is English and not a Singaporean. If I was born in China I wouldn’t be Chinese although I could be a citizen of China. Then I dont understand your comment….why would you be made to feel guilty about being English. The difference is white people are not still being singled out!! Its not just about slavery.

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