The Big Bang Theory – Soft Kitty lyrics face mask

The Big Bang Theory - Soft Kitty lyrics face mask

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Why do we have to make wearing a mask political ? I doubt we will ever know who infected Senator Britt . Governor Roy Cooper has not been consistent with wearing a mask. Dr Mandy Cohen is the role model for our state- she has done an amazing job The school district where I teach doesn’t even have a nurse in every one of our 100+ schools! The district laid them off over 10 years ago.
Also… I sat in on a conference where the question of access to typical peers for preschoolers with IEPs was asked and the speaker had no words. He said “he didn’t know,” and seemed to suggest that it might not be able to happen. Since when do the children’s legal rights go away? My goodness. I.am.going.to.have.a.stroke…wth is WRONG with people?!?! I swear I cannot wrap my half-way intelligent head around it…all other countries in the European Union closed down at the first sign, masked, did what they should..opened later but did it slowly…now they are experiencing fewer positive cases…WE..on the other hand..have politicized it, refused to be inconvenienced, give up what makes us “feel good”..and where has it gotten us? In one hell of a mess…I just finished watching the series “Lenox Hill” on Netflix…a hospital documentary focused on the ER, Ob-gyn, and Neurosurgery…it was excellent..the last episode was filmed right after the beginning of a Covid in NYC..it was eye. I’d like to know the name of the medical condition that causes difficulty in wearing a mask. Is it called maskhole-itis?
And taking temps is just for show. So many cases are asymptomatic and some don’t cause fevers. I’d feel better with schools doing regular testing but even saying that out loud makes me laugh at how far from reality that is because we have zero leadership at the top.

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