The Golf course is calling and I must go poster

The Golf course is calling and I must go poster 1

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Just out of curiosity… forgive me but, I’m trying to keep up with a lot but I’ve failed in this part; has anyone discussed with so many unemployed, what is going to happen with health insurance options for those who don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare and who can’t afford Cobra and the Joke BS of Obama care? Maybe I missed a proposed solution or policy somewhere? I disagree and that has nothing to do with my question. However, if you would like to elaborate specifically on why you think I care about your opinion about our president and why you chose to resort to childish name calling please, by all means, shoot over some legitimate information. I’m not here to Bitch about what the treasonous Obama did. I support Trump. And think he’s a damn good president. I want to focus at the task at hand and I legitimately have questions about what is going to happen to those who have lost their jobs and can not afford cobra or Obamacare and do not qualify for Medicaid.

President I think you do a great job I am a 58 year-old woman I cannot afford health insurance because I don’t make the minimum wage I have lung disease and cannot afford $595 for my inhalers for one month you can help the senior you please help rest of us. Shelly Hawthorne hey guys! Yknow what else is nuts? There isn’t a shred of proof regarding Obamagate! It’s like it never happened! Well… maybe there is proof in the hidden parts of the Mueller report. But the GOP are burying it. That seems strange if there’s proof that our former President was a stone cold crook. Interesting, the lady in the red dress – she isn’t within 15 feet of another human. She could remove her mask to speak. Is she virtue signaling or just doesn’t understand. I have to figure she is smart if she runs that company- must be virtue signaling.

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