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A few weeks ago I had a woman beating my front door and ringing the bell. She explained a rabbit was caught in my back fence and ” it’s screaming and his little friend is trying to pull him out ” . When I ran out he was indeed really stuck halfway through the fence and screaming and his little friend was right alongside pawing at him. I was able to push him through and when hubby came home he cut a opening in the fence for them. It was pretty upsetting to hear his distress cries. I was glad I didn’t have to call the FD to come cut the fence because I knew I would never be able to cut it with my limited hand strength. I’m glad that it wasn’t like this story. Animals have feelings and friends too.  We live in a rural area and regularly we see the results of kangaroos and other wildlife that have been hit by cars. in the time that we have lived in our area we have picked up injured cockatoo, galah, baby roos and taken them to the local wildlife shelter for care. a couple of weeks ago one had been hit and not killed. it was left lying in the middle of the road with two broken back legs. not only was it in great pain and distress it would have caused a motor vehicle accident if someone had come round the corner on the dirt road and swerved to miss it or hit it. we had to go out and put the poor thing out of its misery which was not how we wanted to start our morning off. i wish people would just slow down and exercise care and consideration for the wildlife that we share this country with. if you hit a roo or any other animal on the road do these things: 1. STOP 2. Check to see if the animal is alive or dead 3. if alive call the nearest wildlife rescue (easy to Google) – you’re not expected to have to handle or transport injured wildlife however it is expected that you do the decent thing and stop because if you dont you could be leaving an animal to die a hideous and slow death all because you couldnt be bothered to slow down. Rant over…

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