Star Wars The Last Supper motion poster

Star Wars The Last Supper motion poster 1

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They are welcome to try, however most of them will grow up and make their own minds up. Most of us grew up in religious families and we are not religious. My parents are very religious and very strict ( born again xtian ) it’s hard to live and deal with them because I’m atheist. It’s hard because I’m still young and dependent on them. Someday I really want to escape their bullshit religion. I raised my three daughters religion neutral. We celebrated Christmas and (sort of) Easter but not in the religious sense. As adults they do the same, but my adult grandchildren are even less religious. I’ve been an atheist for years and openly admit it. Nobody cares…

That is true. They will always outnumber us. Always have, always will. My 5 siblings and I were born to Mormon parents. 1 sib is Mormon, 1 is some sort of Christian. The rest of us are more or less Atheist. my parents were very good Catholics and had 16 of us. 2 are Catholic, a couple are Christians of some stripe or other, the rest of us are atheists/agnostics. Oh, and one kind of Buddhist. Known as the Quiverfull Movement, they aim to literally outbreed the rest of us, so their children can be raised to take positions of power in the areas of religion, family, education, goverment, media, arts &entertainment, and business. It’s “Seven Mountains Dominionist” theocratic fascism.

I grew up in the middle of it. The boys around me were pushed to become lawyers, politicians, military officers, cops, etc. The girls were taught to put on a good face no matter what, support our men, and provide as many children as physically possible. The movement is incredibly effective, especially considering how stunted the education provided was and how many of the kids (especially girls) cut and ran as soon as they could.