The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask face mask

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Depends on the console, legend of Zelda or super Mario Brothers on the nes, but then of course on Sega it had to of been sonic and mortal combat, the list go’s on and on. The blue basketball was probably a substitute for a blue bomb blowing up a wall on any Zelda game.

  • f you have any old puzzles lying around, I love solving puzzles! And I’ve only been watching your videos for a month or so, so any older puzzles I haven’t seen, and I’d gladly take a donation.
  • Is this not a knock off Excalibur puzzle? I’m not exactly sure how intellectual property goes in terms of puzzles haha looks awesome regardless.  I love legend of zelda i played it since i was 3 and i cosplay dark link at comic cons. thanks so Much sharing and solving this puzzle
  • This is a really awesome puzzle when I scrolled past oh I gotta watch this. Wind waker was my favorite legend of zelda game. For it to be lingers and have to be built either from the ground up or all around the mechanism. This is probably the most insane puzzle I’ve seen so far and I appreciate the puzzle more than anything else. Not just because of Zelda but what great craftsmanship

The universe is like a puzzle box that you know what the solution is and everything was created for a purpose. There is faster than light and I proved it. The rest is an puzzle of resources that really are there.

he basketball was a bomb, this puzzle is lot of zelda references, the crystal is a rupee, a love a lot, when you open the chest you had to put the “tadadadaaaaaa” song, love it!!

You should make up a chris ramsey type of scale for difficulty and come up with a catchy name like CR-rating or ramsey-rating and make it like. Well…yes and no. It’s story is interesting and it creates a very nice little place in the lore for BOTW, but it also kinda messed up the other timelines by letting the characters experience all this.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask face mask

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