The Liverpool 128th Anniversary 1892-2020 shirt

The Liverpool 128th Anniversary 1892-2020 shirt

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Was it not Obama who said ” There are no jobs !!! What does Trump have a magic wand ??? ” BOOM Trump created the lowest unemployment rate across all races – Stock Market hit 29,000 for the first time in HISTORY !!!! Did not even have to use a magic wand. Democrats have ruined this country for decades kept minorities down they kept voting Democrat. Now I’m seeing even younger black Americans who have researched and finally realize it’s been the democratic party keeping them down now the Democrats want a social society. Ppl wake up. I don’t want to stand in line for bread. Yes there’s alot of corruption in government. And they don’t want Trump in office because he has already exposed most, wait till Trump is reelected. The shits gonna hit the fan. Obama is the reason we have division in this country inviting antifa to the white house. The Muslim pos! Trump brought back our steal industry in Detroit we are now oil independent and we even export oil now.

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