The Punisher American Flag face mask

The Punisher American Flag face mask 0

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Ella Tucker, are you referring to that task force that planned mandatory vaccines by Bill Gates, who has killed and paralyzed hundreds of thousands of children in India and Africa with those same vaccines? That task force? President I appreciate everything you do for this country. There are so many Democratic Governors and Mayors forcing people to wear masks and trying to close cities down again and I know it’s just because the economy is bouncing back so quickly. They want to destroy everything you have done and steal our freedom and it makes me angry that so many people are buying there BS. you are so full of it! Trumpumpkin is trying to kill us. The Democratic Governors and Mayors put health above economy. The economy cannot come back strong without healthy people. The dead don’t spend money. you must be joking right? Jesus you FreeDumbies are something! The democratic governors don’t want the economy to bounce back?  it’s their budgets taking the hit. Now I’ve heard everything. Take off your tinfoil hat and put on a mask! You’re worried about losing your freedoms and DJT is deploying military forces against his own people, but you worry about having to wear a mask. Real smart aren’t ya? Sonja N Jeromy Heath plus they say it does protect the wearer only protects others from getting it, but if that’s true that means particles can get through to the wearer? So they can only go one way? Thomas Hughlett (this is Jeromy by the way). That is true. Science says covid is .03 nanometers in diameter. Even the N95 mask only protects from particles that are .05 nanometers. So covid will get through it. It’s like putting up a chain link fence to keep mosquitos out of your yard.

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