This is dumb face mask

This is dumb face mask

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Awesome, Heather. God bless your dad for his sacrifice and for you missing him. You are so correct. We are slapping our veterans and other responders in the face by allowing this country to be destroyed. Pres. Trump can and will turn this country around and make the Left stop their evil deeds. Landslide in Nov. Welcome. Heather! Thank your dad for his sacrifice to our great country. May God bless our military and keep them safe and strong. I believe God honors our soldiers who so valiantly fought for freedoms some misfits want to give away. I am so glad you are here! We will get this country back to where the greatest generation faught for it to be. I need this si badly right now, to feel hope and that there’s enough people who understand what’s happening and that we’ve got to, at some point, stand up for what’s right and good. Heather. Your father is a Hero, my brother to the end of time, We will always be brothers in Arms defending the rightoues from the oppressors. We must stand with President Trump because the left is really after We The People and We must not surrender. After this election we must demand to abolish the federal department of education and return education back to each state, defund colleges and universities that teacher marxist communist ideas and Hatre of OUR way of life, destory the teachers union, and support allowing liberal students to attend college in North Korea or the Peoples Republic of China (since they love communism so much). God Loving Constitutional Conservative retired military still serving ALL in Blue. We will Win, never give up hope!!! We are in the Valley of darkness but will come out in the light! Thank you for that powerful moving statement . My dad also served 31 years WW2 Korea and South East Asia 70-72. For all of them we must do all we can to preserve the greatness of America . Thank your Dad for his service, keeping our country and people safe, i am so glad your are with us in our basket of deplorables, i pray everyone will vote straight republican and stop the democrat/socialist mob from destroying our country, God bless you and your family.

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