To Boldly Go Where no man has gone before shirt, hoodie, tank top

To Boldly Go Where no man has gone before hoodie

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Pretending that burning or in any other way destroying a physical symbol of an idea is significant enough to insinuate the “protester” is doing anything but expressing his belief that some concept represented is invalid or vile, is a obvious tool used by those seeking oppression, control and trying their dam-nest to get a group of people to vote against their own interest. A social manipulation tool used for centuries by despots and dictators to gain supportive power. If a female wants to burn the bible for saying a wife is the property of her husband, or setting fair value for selling their daughter, or a black person wants to burn it for accepting slavery, and if they want to protest the adoption of greed, hate, arrogance, immorality and evil by the current American administration, then MORE POWER AND JUSTIFICATION TO THEM. Paper with words printed on them or pieces of colored material are just that. it’s irrational and ideologically insecure humans that attempt the impossible task of making them anything else. in the real world, seriously, there was a vaccination for H1N1. Know this for a fact as I was an ICU nurse at the time who was vaccinated. NEVER during H1N1 was a refrigerator truck brought in for body storage. NEVER during H1N1 were entire nursing units taking care of only H1N1 patients. Been there, lived that, lived Covid there is no comparison….during H1N1 I didn’t make sure that my living will and trust were easy to find and up to date either.what Obama you meant hussein Obama, he a already betray this nation in funding Shia karballah Islamic because Obama is Shia Islamic, he also rise national debt in to 6 trillions in purpose so America have financial crisis with Obama care, he also support Iran nuke even hussein obama know Shia Islamic tried start apocalypse nuke war on Israel and Arab Saudi in they thousand years Islamic civil war, but Obama do nothing for black community because obama is Shia Islamic.

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