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I will go to polls to vote but I have a question for this process. If you wish to review and verify your mail-in ballot. by voting at the polls and if your ballot was received, great, but can you also review the data on your ballot to ensure it has not been changed during the mail-in process.

  • This family is going to the voting booth. It’s the ONLY sure way my vote will be counted. Surely, we can take ONE HOUR out of our lives to keep America Great. Why don’t the Republicans hold back a couple million ballots.. so when the DemoRaTs find their unexpected missing ballots in the trunk of a car … we can drop ours along with theirs
  • Wish every registered voter in this nation would see, read and remember those concise instructions. I’ve saved it to share if I see others expressing confusion. Big WIN coming!   I have no problem with voting in person at the polls. My vote will count. This election is to important, the life of America depends on it.
  • He explained that very well. The dems have come undone saying the President said to vote twice. I am so tired of morons who don’t know what they are talking about. If you ballot is not received by 8:00 P.M. Election Day, it should never count. This bit about it will take weeks to count the ballots is B.S. Destroy late ballots.

If there is a single fraudulent (deceased, pet, etc) found in the counts! Throw the whole election out and re-vote the old proper way! Facebook just provided us all with their new user agreement, then attaches a Get Voting Information tag to each and every political related post, as if they are to be trusted

 I’ll be voting in person and placing my own ballot in the box! If I get Rona and die from it then by God I’ll die a proud American! Not freaking sorry!  I’m afraid that the mail ins will be structured in such a way, as to deceive some people, and thereby accidentally casting an inaccurate vote

Just forget it and unless you are deployed military, disabled, unable to return to your district to vote or another really good reason to vote by mail, vote in person. In that case, obtain an absentee ballot just like Americans have been doing for 150 years.

Vote This darkness has got to give Grateful Dead shirt, tank top, hoodie

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