To My Granddaughter Always Keep Me In Your Heart Shirt, hoodie, tank top

To My Granddaughter Always Keep Me In Your Heart shirt

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To My Granddaughter Always Keep Me In Your Heart Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Based in Israel, MyHeritage was founded in 2003, and like a number of other services profiled here, started out as a genealogy software platform. Over time, it acquired a number of historical databases and eventually added DNA testing in 2016. (MyHeritage outsources its DNA analysis to FamilyTreeDNA.) In 2018, MyHeritage experienced a security breach, exposing the email addresses and hashed passwords of more than 92 million users.

MyHeritage offers a free tier of service that includes some basic family tree-building and access to excerpts of historical documents. It won’t get you too far.

The basic DNA testing and analysis service, which is now on sale for $49, includes the usual fare — a report of your genetic makeup across the company’s 42 supported ethnicities, the identification of relatives and connections to them where possible. All things considered, I preferred FamilyTreeDNA’s presentation of my DNA information. But MyHeritage highlighted a first cousin living in the US, with whom I shared about 15% of my DNA, and offered to show me her family tree — if I paid a $209 annual subscription fee.

Yes, that’s expensive — a free 14-day trial is available — but the company maintains an impressive online database of historical documents that includes 3.5 billion profiles in addition to information about over 100 million subscribers and their collective 46 million family trees. This enormous database is powered by Geni.Com, a genealogy social media site that’s also MyHeritage’s parent company. According to the New York Times, Geni.Com has assembled “the world’s largest, scientifically vetted family tree.”

In 2019, MyHeritage launched a health screening test similar to the one offered by 23andMe. As part of this effort, the company partnered with PWNHealth, a network of US physicians who oversee the process. I was required to complete a personal and family health history questionnaire — it was 16 questions — which was then ostensibly reviewed by a doctor. Though the company says it may recommend a “genetic counseling” session administered by PWNHealth, my health results were simply delivered along with my ancestry analysis.

On the plus side, I like MyHeritage’s straightforward access to a range of comprehensible privacy preferences. Still, overall, I found MyHeritage’s user interface far less intuitive and more difficult to navigate than others. Though the company’s offering is broad — it’s one of the few to offer a comprehensive research database of historical documents, DNA analysis and health screening — I found the integration among them to be a bit clumsy.


To My Granddaughter Always Keep Me In Your Heart Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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