Touch me again and I’ll drown you, you bastard mug

Touch me again and I'll drown you, you bastard mug 1

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Still not done? Why hesitation in the part of govt to delay so much? Why still he is holding the post? If the same had been committed by a Hindu against any minority, one can imagine what would’ve happened?? The word minority should be removed as they are the second largest on this planet next to Indonesia. This is the impact of 70 years rule of congress. Unless hindus unite nothing can be achieved. Let us remove secular from the constitution and make India as Bharat and Hindu country ! There must be big condpiracy against india by thia selective muslum community.in all positions.
Yet another example of the jihadi mind set. Be it an illiterate or highly qualified, or in a high post, the mind set is identical. The minoroties are given lot of privileges, resevations etc in India. No other country gives this much privilehe reservation to muslims. Then the qquestion is, Why should be there a Minority Commission in addition?And placing a johadi bastard pig as its head. Why? He is a kamina and gaddar who wants to destabilise the nation. Where is state govt and Kajriwal thay are hiding behind him. Why Kajriwal dismiss from the post .Shameless C.M. and chairman… Forget the Arab world who considers Muslim of Asian origins as inferior, even IS IS employs Indian and Pakistani recruits for menial and non combatant jobs. Prepuce seems to have some kind of inhibitory role on brain. Subject of research.

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