Tractor Farmer personalized fleece blanket

Tractor Farmer personalized fleece blanket

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Yep it should not have happened, I read on another post where some piece of trash said “good they splattered his white privileged brains on the sidewalk”. The guy who shot him deserved to be shot as soon as the cops showed up, no jail, no fair trial just simply put down. we do not need families in the White House over and over again. THAT’S A MONARCHY! If are economy is so good, why is the Trump administration running trillion dollar deficits? All the people working for Trump are crooks. Do some research on Steve Mnuchin, foreclosed on at least 150,000 American’s. Then again billionaires do not care about party, only money.Obama left a playbook. Trump ignored it. they’ve been calling him and we, deplorables that since November 2015 when they didn’t concede the election. Who cares what these traitors think anymore. I don’t argue with their stupidity anymore. was the murderer a taxpayer paid state employee given special rights or was he a criminal who white supremacists aka the right are trying to somehow make a correlation of taxpayer funded police murdering citizens and someone commiting murder?
What’s telling is your kind thinks they have any valid count with the point being apparently “black folk are bad and want to hurt you”. Im not pro jo Jorgensen she’s irrelevant in the election. Like I said no matter who’s president I will continue to succeed. I just like to talk trash because I got the right to do so. I love how easy you people get hot headed over politics.

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