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Ms Knight worked with Bolton for months, she had authority on the NSC to determine if his book had any classified information. She said it did not. Bolton’s replacement, Robert O’Brien (appointed by Trump) requested an additional review. Michael Ellis (senior director for intelligence on the NSC) did the additional review. Ellis was Devin Nunes’ former aide on the House Intelligence Committee. He has been criticized (along with Nunes) on using sensitive intelligence information shared with Nunes to discredit the Russian investigation. Both are known to use intelligence to advance political goals. Ellis is also the guy that came up with the idea of hiding Trump’s Ukraine calls on a secure server. So pardon me if I don’t believe this is on the up and up.

Could you attempt to name the specific thing Trump did that would make him a dictator? Anything? No! You got nothing! Bolton sold his soul out because he personally has guilt in Ukraine garbage! Truth is coming out! Are you actually from Texas? Odd Texan name? the NSR works at the pleasure of the president who by the way will be re-elected in 2020, because so many blacks and breakaway Democrats I have learnt they have to vote Republican to save our country ourselves from communist socialism,please vote straight Republican ticket November 2020! That doesn’t mean it’s not full of lies. If Trump was such a bad individual then why did Bolton keep working for him for so long.
This is just a way for Bolton to pad his already full pockets.

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