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The NCAA announced early Saturday morning that the game between Vanderbilt and NC State would be ruled a no-contest due to COVID-19 protocols.Bruce Thorson, USA TODAY Sports

And yes, there are plenty of examples so far of vaccinated athletes testing positive because the science tells us that vaccinated people could indeed have a small amount of the virus in their system and not get sick from it.

We’ve seen that with multiple New York Yankees testing positive early in the season, Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul missing playoff games despite being vaccinated and now reportedly four NC State players who were vaccinated.

But the key thing to remember as we go forward is that vaccinated players at the College World Series weren’t being regularly tested until the unvaccinated players started testing positive.

For the next several months and potentially longer than that, there isn’t going to be any other way to conduct team sports. If you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to be tested if you’re not feeling sick. If you’re unvaccinated, you’re going to be tested all the time because you could be at significantly more risk of getting sick yourself or spreading the virus.

That’s the deal we’re going to have to make to get back to normal. It’s a pretty reasonable one, particularly within the context of a team that is sharing locker rooms, traveling together, eating together and practicing in close proximity.

Nobody wants a repeat of the 2020 season when a lot of teams, particularly in college, had so many positive cases that they fell below the threshold to conduct practices or safely play in games. The schedule was pure chaos, and some teams could never get on track because of the lack of bodies.

Amazingly, we have a way out of that: A vaccine that is safe and widely available. And yet, a certain percentage of athletes  — many of whom take all kinds of supplements and powders to enhance their performance, no questions asked — are going to make the conscious choice not to take it.

Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 Hawaiian Shirt

We’ve now seen the consequences when that choice is applied to a team concept. It’s not just the unvaccinated players that pay the price, but the vaccinated players, too.

The awful situation with NC State this weekend didn’t have to happen. But it seems almost certain it’s going to happen again and again.

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