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Not saying just Cooper will panic, everyone will panic when it’s not needed. Simple point, if we all use caution, good common sense, then we can get us back on track. But reality is that the numbers are going to increase when people start getting out more and businesses start to open up. They don’t need to close them back down, people need to use good ole common sense. Guess I should’ve done the short version. As a bonus, I have been effected by this. My mama is in an assisted living, ended up in the ER, tested positive, spent 10 days in isolation, and beat this thing at 86yrs old. Were my nerves in shambles, absolutely. Was I in a panic, a resounding YES! And I work in healthcare. But, I realize that we have to get back on track, with cautious measures and sometimes step out on a limb that we aren’t too sure about. Which is where we are right now. A vice principal in NC had heard that due to COVID year round schools might have to consider the year round calendar. Will it happen? Probably not but it’s been thrown around in Wake County. I was wondering the same thing! I’m at a YRS but we were strongly considering moving back to traditional after next year. This may force it sooner. The traditional calendar starts later, so I would think if a change is to be made, it will put all or most year rounds on a traditional calendar. I have wondered this as well but like someone has already pointed out, many schools are YR because of space. My coworkers and I were talking about it today and just saying that we like to plan and we just want to know what’s happening. We are on a modified year round to match the community colleges. Our calendar is going to be thrown off too since teachers are supposed to report July 29 and students starting August 4th. I am starting to doubt that’s happening…

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